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Thursday, March 6, 2014

USD/JPY Booking 168 Pips

I just booked 168 pips in my USD/JPY long trade. I am also entering my first scale short right here. C=A in TIME at around 10:00 CST tonight (vertical, white line on the chart). It is also being capped by the FRZ for a wave 2 flat at the moment (103.10).

Entered 20% of short trade at 103.08 with 105.40 SL and 96 TP.

I will ADD to this trade at the two higher FRZs highlighted on the chart; 20% at 103.65 and 60% at 104.40. I will also ADD to the trade 100% on a break below 101.10.

Previous Chart: Took on a third corrective option, grrrr.

Trade Example: I want to be short 1M or 10 lots. I short 2 lots now, 2 lots @ 103.65 and 6 lots @ 104.40
I will add another 10 lots on a break of 101.10 and be a total of 2M short.

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