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Monday, March 24, 2014

Swing Trend Indictor

Today I received another tentative sell signal based on the Swing Trend Indicator, but the way it's been whipsawing lately reminds me of November 12th - December 3rd of 2013. During that timeframe, through all the whipsaws, the SP-500 ended up tacking on an additional 60 pts from the first whipsaw signal. Something to watch out for.

I do feel like we are in a larger 4th wave correction however. The VIX is still due to put in a cycle high Tuesday, April 8th, but the most dominant cycle as of late shows a top can form starting Friday of this week.

All Daily Indicators, beside the ADX which is showing "trendless" and rightfully so, are still on SELL. So I'm still tracking bearish SP-500 counts.


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