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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

SP-500 Daily ADX

I am still trying to make sure the wave iii top is in, but the indicators and Swing Trend indicator are still whipsawing.

Just checking the daily ADX, it issued a sell on March 12th at 1854.38. Since then it has gone "trendless" by dipping below 21. You can see in the past that a move of this nature usually preceded a large move in one direction or another. To help identify which move we should jump on, up or down, I watch the DMI.

Whichever DMI is on top when the ADX starts to turn up is the direction of the next large move 83% of the time. So when the ADX starts to turn up, if the -di rises above the +di, we should be bearish for a large move, and vice-versa.

Still bearish, but ready to flip if necessary!


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