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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

FB - Great Risk/Reward Trade Right Here

Buy FB May 70 Calls under 2.40

Stop-loss is 58.50 on this trade. Risking $4.00/Reward $17.50 per single stock

Option Risk $240/$1,000-$2,000


  1. Hi James,
    Thx for sharing your trades. I've a questions on FB moves. Since FB is part of SPX , it's simply following SPX.

    As of EW perspective, since every chart has to be different, if you could share wavecount of FB of last 5th wave, it helps up learning and better positioning of trades.


  2. Hi,
    I've spotted triangle breakout on FB to upside crossing 100 SMA and made a nice trade. Is there any upside left still in FB? I think it might go to 65 max

    Pls comment.