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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Geno's Take On Debates

 The winner was.....no one! I've never seen more petulant reactions then we've had from our two nominees. In fact, it made me put in a hiring order into my local videographers and editors for my own show coming soon. My show aims to be a commentary on the ridiculousness that is the election while highlighting how both sides refuse to condemn radical fringe groups for each party. You can write me in nationwide if you decide to do so. 

The market is in limbo. Signals have turned to buy this week, so we probably should abide. We're oversold on indicators and in the past the NDX, who's best month is October, has run up from 14%-37% in the following 8 months when we're this oversold.

Cautiously bullish seems the way to go here.

Debate notes: They brought up Brazil and the rainforest as a problem for global warming. This is the comment that made me decide to start a show. As I reason a nations resources are the sole ownership of that region/nation, therefore, with Brazilian rainforests accounting for near 5% of CO2 absorbtion, should they not be entitled to 5% of global warming tax credits? Should the rainforest nations not threaten to deforest the whole rain forest for the detriment of the world? Should they not be entitled to redeem monetary payments for their natural resource? If I were the rainforest countries I would feel I was standing on a pillar leg for global reiumbursement based on their hysteria of climate change. I think they should take advantage of that.


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