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Monday, November 3, 2014

Swing Trend Long Sell Stops

Sell stops on the swing trend long trade from 1899 should be moved up to 2001.20. Short below 2001.20. This locks in 102 pts profit.


  1. James,
    Can you please share your trading strategy ? Is it the futures or options? It'll be helpful for us


  2. kkandru - The trading strategy is simple, wait for the indicators to confirm a trend change, then stick with the trend as long as possible. I use options and ETF's on the Swing Trend trades. The options I will usually buy at the money a couple of months out. The way the market has been moving lately, these options gain quickly. I also use leveraged ETF's (UPRO, TNA, etc) for the rest of the capital. On down moves, a lot of gains will be wiped out before the indicators say trend change, but they still average 10-13% on down moves.

  3. Thx James. May be a basic question. How do you manage stops with Options (or) leveraged instruments?

    Are you using any option strategies? This's one area I'm too confused at. Please help me understand.

    Right now I play VXX calls/puts, but positions are dangerous as there's no way I can control stops, hence asking .

    Or you can refer me to some books for examples.


  4. All of my stops are mental stops, so when the SP-500 crosses a level that changes the swing trend, I close the positions.