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Friday, October 24, 2014

1899 Buy Stop

You all should be profitable and long from your 1899 buy stop. That stop should've been moved down, but I didn't post that so I'll assume that's where we're long from.

The other buy indicators followed AFTER the buy stop. That's why it's better to look at multiple indicators and price at the same time. Some give better entries.

So where are we now?

The Swing Trend Indicator, after giving a buy signal last Friday, is now on full buy. The decline we experienced put almost all indicators in medium term, oversold territory. The rally thus far, as powerful as it has been, has yet to move many of these indicators. This means the decline we experienced was probably all of the 4th wave and we're heading up to SP-500 2120 before another vicious decline.

I will try to post some charts and in-depth analysis this weekend.

Schedule: Dogs @ Groomers 8 am, grocery shop, put groceries away, play with Chase, pick up dogs, drop dogs off, pay window cleaning people, pick up boat, pick up Nick, meet Paul at Mississippi launch 45 minutes away, fish the river and catch 20 different species, take pictures, drink beer, listen to Gopher game, have fun, pack up, drop off boat, drop off Nick, cook dinner for wife, play with Chase, put together new changing table, tighten bolts on shitty island kitchen chairs, watch a movie with wife(?)

Yup, life is easy.


  1. sp 2120 seems about right !

    ps: of course, watch movie with wife......who else were u thinking of?.........lol

  2. I was thinking if there was time or not, not whom to watch it with!!!!!