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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Gold and Short Term RUT Trade

I'm looking to get long gold for the E wave of the larger triangle. I will be playing something like GLD June and July 125 calls.

With RUT selling off again this morning I'm thinking about taking a small IWM long trade via options as well. Rut found support into the wave 4 support zone. The stop on this trade will be set at 116 W4 Wave Count Invalidation, where it will enter wave 1. I will play this with IWM June 113 Calls (should be around 1.00)


  1. Hi,
    Gold is at 1314 after 1321 highs. Is A of E wave done @ 1321 or Do you see further up before a B wave and then a C wave completing E?

    Yesterday's bid move is 3rd of 5th wave of A of large E I think. But not sure if that 5th is complete .

    Pls comment.


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