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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tired of the Talk

Playing the market isn't an easy game. Not only do you need to beat the market, you need to deal with people telling you why you're wrong. People who want to be long and people who want to be short are the people who make the market.

My track record has proven itself and there's nothing else I can teach people. I've provided charts of the indicators I use for swing trading; utilize those charts. I've provided other indicators to identify bottoms, which are far easier than identifying tops.

I have my first child being born mid-July (I call him Jimmy Jr., my wife won't tell me names because I'm a loudmouth)  and a new house closing mid-May. I have too much going on right now to be a viable option for trading.

I'll probably post swing reversals when they happen.

I wish the best of luck to everyone who reads this, honestly and heartfelt.

Good luck.



  1. Your updates and analysis will be missed - you are one of the good guys! Wishing you a healthy baby and much happines in your new home!

  2. Congratulations! The very best of luck to you and yours. :)

  3. Congratulations James. Hope Mom and the baby will do fine. I'll be watching for you and your inputs. Thanks for your helpful blog. . . .Herm

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  5. Congratulations! Enjoy your life

  6. ewtnewbie here Geno. You are a rare breed, and I wish you nothing but good things going forward. Enjoy the new path of your journey and we'll look forward to your infrequent, but accurate posts.