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Saturday, January 26, 2013

An Update on the future of the blog

I am in the process of re-focusing my efforts, but this blog shouldn't suffer. In the future I will post real time FOREX trades on a basis of 3-7 times per month as well as post swing trades which should last from a minimum of 3 weeks to multiple months.

REASONS: I believe most people do not wish to day trade, so why waste time posting multiple trades per day. I don't even daytrade much.

The FOREX trades will usually consist of a buy/sell signal trade that will last between 1-3 days. You won't need to monitor the trade, which I think is good for people who have day jobs or a life.

The market generally trends, so there's no reason we need to over-trade to try to capture every up and down. In fact, the majority of "losses" or losing out on gains is caused by over-trading. We'll keep this a simple long or short multi-week blog. I may even post a giant green up arrow or giant red down arrow on the home page with the direction I think the market is moving.


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