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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Gold and Oil update

Here are my projections for gold and oil.

Light Sweet Crude:

Any questions?

Friday, March 9, 2012

The State of the Markets - Markets Nearing Completion

Either the SP-500 put in the easiest, cleanest wave 4 in history, or it's still working on it. But I'm going to focus on RUT tonight and then come back to the SP-500. The RUT was the first to complete it's wave 4 and I'm pretty sure it's poised to head higher. It is hard to gauge the markets right now since correlations are breaking down and my analysis of currencies, bonds, equities and commodities is askew. Anywho, the comments are on the chart, and I believe this to be the count with a kickoff move into wave 5. Any pullbacks toward 804 should be bought with a stop-loss at the wave 4 low. I'm looking for about a 10% gain in RUT from here, so buying TNA seems to be the best option.

The one thing about the chart I don't like is the extreme crossover of the moving averages, but I attribute that to the pop out of the channel in wave v of 3 making wave 4 a little stronger than normal.

Additionally, my medium term swing indicator is back on buy.

Conclusion: Cautiously Bullish and low of wave 4 is in place.