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Sunday, November 20, 2011

The 100K Trading Challenge

I know I haven't updated my real trade log since last year, but I'm sure those results still speak to my trading record. Now I am going to test a new venture seeing how long it takes me to DOUBLE a 100K trading account. First, I have a little bit of an advantage since forex markets give 50:1 margin, lower than the 100 before the Dodd-Frank Act, dirty buggers, but still an advantage to the 2:1 margin for equities. Second, I urge you to post your own trades based on any monetary value account and beat me to increasing your funds by 100%. Game on!

This account will obviously take on more risk than I usually assume! DO NOT trade on these recommendations. Falling knives are generally harmful to ones health. My general risk is between 7-10% of my overall account value. These trades will risk 30-45% of my total account value. Risking this much of ones account is not acceptable under any conditions, so I must repeat, please do not follow these trades unless you're willing to risk your account.




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