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Friday, October 21, 2011

Best Interpretation of THE CHARTS

Researching charts a little tonight showed me the SP-500 will most likely gap up on Monday morning and reach the 1263 level by Monday or Tuesday followed by a shallow, delayed selloff and then resuming the trend upward for WED/THURS. My preffered count follows:

The line labeled VERY IMPORTANT is because it satisfies 2 different EW counts. If my green 4 was labeled A and the low at 1074 labeled B, C=1.618A near that trendline. That trendline is also where C=.618A for the count on the chart. That line is VERY IMPORTANT TO ME! Good luck to everyone.

I also have a very BULLISH count going but the technicals behind it remain to be seen at this point so I'm not going to post it. IF 1280-90 gets taken out I would assume we are in a new bull trend to new all-time highs for SP-500 and DJIA...Nasdaq and Rut have different counts.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Reiteration of my free posts and outcomes

POST:  Thursday, July 21st - Said dollar should bottom on July 29th
Outcome: Dollar bottomed at 73.59 on July 27th

POST: Tuesday, August 30th - said 1230ish was key, bullish above, bearish below
OUTCOME: August 31th traded to 1230 and change and sold off = bearish, traded down to 1135 within 2 weeks.

POST: Wednesday, Sept. 14th Scaling into EUR/USD shorts at 1.37600 and 1.39000
OUTCOME: Traded down to 1.31700 on October 4th

POST: Saturday, Sept. 15th oil trading down to 75 with additional 65 target.
I said I wouldn't be surprised with double bottom at 75.
OUTCOME: Traded down to 74.95 on October 4th.

POST: Friday, Sept. 30th Bet money in Michigan -21  to MN Gophers
OUTCOME: MN lost by 58, 90% in 3 hours satisfied.

POST: Friday, Sept. 30th - Oil should hit 75ish before a bounce and SP-500 should
hit 1070-1080 before a sizeable bounce
OUTCOME: Oil hit 74.95 is was up over 15% since, SP-500 hit 1074 and is up 14%.

POST: October 6th SP-500 is shortable at 1170 with 1120 min. target.
OUTCOME: SP-500 sold off to 1150 - I count this as a loss even though I made money.


Monetize is a button you can hit here on blogger and I'm sure it puts ads all over your site. Or maybe it causes people to make their site private to paid subscriptions. I used to check a certain blog and I usually disagreed with the commentary, not because his/her thoughts weren't correct, but because he/she never took a stance and had an arrow going up and one going down. Does this help? That site is now a paid subscription! I will reiterate my stance on this once again...I WILL NEVER CHARGE NOR ASK ANYTHING OF YOU! And I'm sure my track record exceeds that of 95% of paid sites. Good luck.


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Squiggles and a hedged approach

Both Bullish and bearish action is calling for a short term reversal of the price trend

Short positions near 1170 should be lucrative

A setup like this has worked about 88% of the time. They are very rare to find.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Oil Update

Oil looks to be completing the final wave down of wave Y

The 90% Return Bet Paid Off!!

That was easy. Now for the market. I have the SP-500 finishing up the first corrective series of waves before we get the big bounce up. Follow the chart