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Monday, June 13, 2011

Is Copper Trying to Tell Me Something? ALSO BULL/BEAR ALT. COUNT

Looks to me that Copper may have already bottomed, or maybe just put in another X wave before the final Z wave down. Either way, this is telling me to be cautious about getting heavily into bear mentality. Copper so far made it's bottom on May 11th, over a month ago. In my opinion copper better start selling off and break the previous low or we're going to see one hell of a short squeeze on the bears in the near future.

Additionally, I was looking for a count that would throw off both the bulls and bears, and came up with a beautiful idea that would scorch the bears one last time, then kill the bulls. Check the green count in this daily chart.

From my research I've learned that wave 3 is less than wave 1 in under 5% of the cases, so I'm not giving this too much credence, but I'll sure be watching it!!!


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