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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I feel terrible that I haven't responded to comments from the blog. Please email me @ geno369@yahoo.com with your specific question and I'll either respond back or create a blog post addressing your question. Once again, I apologize!!!

Jim Genosky


  1. Does that mean we can be abusive and you cant reply ? lol

  2. Hey Jim---

    Nice posting as always. There is no possible way to take anything Jim Cramer says seriously. His points of view flip flop with the wind, his monologes are tiresome, and his market timing is agregious. But is that surprising? There is ABOSOLUTELY NO ONE in the MSM that will help you make money. They haven't a clue. CNBC/Bloomberg= purely entertainmaint value.

    What charting platform are you using? Haha..don't worry if you can't respond to that, maybe you can 'post' about it down the road...

    Any chance at a sneak peek of this 'proprietary'
    risk on basket of currencies indicator that you use to time the major markets? Sounds intriguing! Maybe you could also post about that at some point..

    Have a nice vacation!

  3. @AlexNulsen I'm in the process of starting a company with a friend of mine, so I can't release the details yet. I will tell you the most of my market calls on an intraday timeframe are based on it, but my intrday calls aren't posted in the blog. I will probably let you in on it in the near future. Regards!

  4. @Chartrambler BOOM! Figured out how to replace some code by Sean! No more bashing!!!