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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The $4 Trillion Campaign

I trade US Equities as well as Forex, so I feel I can see where  there is manipulation in the system. To be honest, there is absolutely ZERO manipulation in US securities, although the FEAR BLOGS will have you believe so. However, there is manipulation in the FX forum that can carry over to US Equities.

I will dive into the post in more detail in the future, but for the time being, just realize that Japan enters into the FX market quite often trying to boost their holdings. This can be seen by swift 50-200 pip gains/losses per currency. This weighs on the RISK ON/RISK OFF environment that effects all market participants.

I recently heard Jim Cramer talk about how useless the risk environment is, and I TOTALLY disagree. I can trade US Equities by watching the AUD/USD...PERIOD!!! Actually, one of my proprietary indicators measures all risk currencies and I play US Equities based on that! To trade a risk indicator in US Equities!!!! And Cramer says it's useless???


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