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Monday, May 30, 2011

May 28th, What Really Matters

This past weekend the love of my fiance and my life passed away at 16 months of age. Within that time I have learned more from a dog than I could've in a lifetime listening to teachers, preachers, bloggers, etc. Sometimes in life I was more focused on the market than either my fiance or my puppins, so I would like to take this time you remind you of what is really important in life. I love playing the market, but personal relationships are WAY more important than money gained or lost. My pupppins actually stepped on my keyboard one time and entered a trade. She lost $300. She never did pay me back.  On this Memorial Weekend I think it's important for everyone to reflect on their lives and the people and animals who influenced it. I know my puppy made me a better man than I ever was, and that's important for me to remember.

As of the market I really don't care right now. I was looking for a correction to 1308/10 and the 1311 low should've satisfied that. I'm still looking for 1390 or higher.

Take care everyone and remember that making money is probably the least important aspect of life. People or animals don't love for money, they love for you, in your entirety!

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  1. Geno I am real sorry to hear about your loss.