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Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Update: EUR/CHF and SP-500

What a way to start the blog with a quick $200 loss on my first closed trade. I'm sure it doesn't give you
much confidence! To be honest I would make that move again in a heartbeat. The count seemed too perfect to pass up. Being wrong on a good setup is easier to deal with than just shorting or going long for no reason.

I have updated the EUR/CHF count. The trade is good, I was just a bit early. Here is the updated count. I have not set any limit sell orders for this trade yet. If 4 ends on that trendline (where it is now) then 5=1 projects to a perfect double-top at the 100% retracement.

Here is my updated SP-500 count. I am currently 25% short and will add all the way up to 1216 area. I am still looking for the US Dollar to move to the $75 level correlating with 1215 SP-500 level.


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