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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

NDX Definitely Looks Corrective


  1. Hi James - Just curious - do you cover your shorts even though your indicators are still in sell mode or do you ride them out? Good to see you posting again. Thanks - Chris

  2. Hey Chris,

    The Swing Trend Indicator gives up a lot of gain on the bearish side if you wait for a sell signal. Tops take longer to form, so it's great at picking tops. I use other indicators to cover my shorts.

  3. Chris - The post prior to this post has a few of the charts I use to find bottoms


  4. Thank you for your response. I will check it out. Looks like you had a good year all the way around - congratulations. - Chris

  5. Thanks Chris - The indicators make trading a lot more profitable, with a lot less trades. We don't need to catch every minor swing, just the larger ones that last months at a time.