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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


AUD/NZD - I guess booking 1/2 profits for 68 pips and adjusting my stop-loss to breakeven on the remaining 1/2 was the prudent trade to make. Trade closed. We'll call it 34 pips of profit since it was only 1/2 position.

USD/JPY - Trade still open. Am 40% short from an average price of 103.38. Action started looking a little better today. Reducing my stop-loss to 103.785. Will look for an opportunity to add the other 60% to this trade, probably on a retrace.

SP-500 - Daily indicators still on buy, but are close to rolling. Also the Swing Trend Indicator is close to giving a tentative sell signal. Nothing has issued a sell signal as of todays close EXCEPT for RUT, which issued an ADX sell signal.


  1. Hi,
    I've been watching SPX closely as I've a short position in it as of now. Looks to me that final 5th is done / truncated ( 1834 - 1884) and not looking to make higher highs.

    Please share thoughts.


  2. I'm not too confident that a top is in place, so I'll wait for confirmation from the indicators before I make a trade. The indicators got long on Thursday, February 6th at 1774 on the SP-500, so they're working with nearly 100 pts profit. Even is the SP-500 dropped 100 pts tomorrow the trade would still break even.

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