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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

SP-500 Update

It's looks like we got the pullback I alluded to in the previous SP-500 post that said caution was coming. The RSI was above the 85 level which usually led to a pullback:


The reason I stayed bullish and didn't change the trend from UP on the blog is because not all indicators were confirming the market was rolling over, and I don't like to chase news.

The Daily charts are still bullish, and most indicators have given the updated trend lines I need to trade. Only until all indicators are bearish will the blog issue a new trend signal.

The ADX issued a buy signal at the lows and has since showed trendless. Discard this indicator for now.

The MACD has given us a little squiggle to draw an uptrend line. This line will need to be broken for a sell signal.

The RSI turned down from the 85 level giving us that short term pullback yesterday. The low it created yesterday gives me the new uptrend line.

The StochRSI Never got below the bearish below line and has since turned up. I have a new uptrend line on this indicator now as well.

Stochastics are still in bull territory.

The Swing Trend Indicator hasn't even blinked since the tentative buy on 2/7 and full buy on 2/12


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