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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

SP-500 Update/Some Caution from Indicators

There are a couple of indicators showing caution on the daily SP-500 Chart.

The MACD is running into the down-trend line currently - Just something to watch for now

The RSI is over the 85 mark, which has produced both large and small pullbacks on previous occurrences.

The StochRSI is testing it's up-trend line. This happens often during an uptrend where it will give us a new up-trend line once the previous is broken. Nothing to be overly concerned about just yet.

The daily indicators are still on buy/uptrend, but these are just a few charts to watch in the coming sessions.

The VIX cycle is due to make it's low on March 10th, but since the last high came in early, we can assume the next low may come in early. The shift from High to Low moves a possible VIX low into tomorrow, February 27th. I will be watching for a reversal from tomorrow into March 10th with help from the daily indicators.


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