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CURRENT MARKET TREND: Up 5/27/16 @ 2090
Stop-loss 2026

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I have been watching my favorite two charts for confirmation that the bear trend is over, and neither have confirmed this yet. If the bulls can hold onto the gap up this morning we may get confirmation.

Here's the first chart:

In this chart we want the red line to break above both white downtrend lines. Then a sustained move above the top horizontal white line would be a sustained bull market.

In this chart we need the yellow line to cross above the white line. Right now both lines are at a zero value, meaning bearish. A cross is the first buy signal where I'll unload a 50% lonf position. Once the yellow line goes above the horizontal green line I'll unload my final 25% long position.

Best of luck to ya'll!


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